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Wear Something Different!

I have always been a creative person and interested in the arts, but I never really knew how to harness this passion into something that I could apply and actually do for a satisfying career.

A few years ago I met a woman through chance. Our random conversation became the major catalyst in my creative life, the pivot point of my future. She pointed me in the direction of GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) and I have been hooked on creating jewelry ever since. I attended, and subsequently graduated from, GIA and immediately began the frenzied process of purchasing machinery and supplies for my studio and setting up my business. Once all of that was complete I was finally able to begin my journey into the world of metalsmithing.

Arrok (Stems from the words Arrow and Rock melded together) Metal Studio has been my prime focus and my passion for the last 8 years. I work very hard to create unique, bold and interesting jewelry that stands out from the norm. "Wear something different" is my motto.

I seek out and purchase stones that speak to me because they are different in some way or are not normally used in jewelry. I enjoy the fact that my pieces are out of the box and not conventional. I hand craft each piece of jewelry personally and I take pride in making sure that every piece is special and the utmost attention to detail is given.

I hope that people see the passion and heart that goes into my work. Every piece of Arrok jewelry is a wearable, one of a kind piece of art to be collected and cherished.